Subscriber Terms & Conditions

By applying to become an Subscriber to the Institute of Managed Account Professionals Limited ABN 57 125 794 274 (“IMAP”), by signing and returning this page or by completing the online subscription application together with payment of the subscription fees, you agree to the following terms and conditions:    

1.     As a subscriber you agree to make payment of the amount stated on the Subscriber Application form inclusive of GST (to the account notified by IMAP) upon your application. You will have no right to reimbursement of the subscriber amount.

2.     You agree that the subscription will be renewed automatically by IMAP on the anniversary of your becoming a subscriber to IMAP by debit to the credit card which you provided to make the initial payment of the subscription amount. You agree that IMAP providing at least 14 days notice of any upcoming renewal by electronic notice to you is sufficient notice. IMAP agrees that any cancellation you provide within this period will terminate your subscription and cancel any renewal.

3.     The renewal will be at the then prevailing amount for a subscription of the class in which you initially subscribed.

4.     Limitation of liability. Information provided by IMAP, its directors, staff, consultants and other sponsors or subscribers (IMAP contributors) is not intended to be legal or financial advice and IMAP contributors accept no liability and make no warranty as to accuracy of information in respect of any matter upon which comment is made and you indemnify to IMAP contributors in respect any reliance on such information.

5.     If you are subscribing on behalf of an organisation as a Dealer  or Corporate subscriber or other organisational subscription category, you warrant that you have the authority to do so.

6.     As a subscriber you are not thereby a member of IMAP and have no rights to attend or vote at meetings of IMAP.

7.     IMAP may amend the rights to which any subscriber or class of subscribers is entitled in its absolute discretion at any time.

8.     IMAP privacy. Your contact details may be used by IMAP for any commercial purpose.

9.     Privacy consent. You consent to receive written and electronic communications and materials from IMAP, its sponsors and others.


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