Events Terms & Conditions

  • Limitation of liability. Information provided by IMAP, its directors, staff, consultants and other sponsors, subscribers or contributors (IMAP contributors) is not intended to be legal or financial advice and IMAP contributors accept no liability and make no warranty as to accuracy of information in respect of any matter upon which comment is made and by agreeing to attend this event you indemnify to IMAP contributors in respect any reliance on such information.
  • IMAP privacy. Your contact details may be used by IMAP for any commercial purpose.
  • Privacy consent. You consent to receive written and electronic communications and materials from IMAP its sponsors and others.

IMAP Refund Policy – Education & Training

Notice of 28 or more days: 50% refund
14- 27 Days: 25% refund 
Less than 14 days notice: 0 refund*

*Please note you may send an alternate attendee to the event. Please advise the details of the alternate attendee at least 24 hours before the event.

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