Perspectives - Autumn 2020

IMAP calls for FASEA Standard 3 review

Jenny Mulder QRC Consulting

The IMAP Regulatory Group, chaired by Jenny Mulders of QRC Consulting, has written to FASEA CEO, Stephen Glenfield, outlining existing structural problems with the FASEA Code of Ethics, and calling for calls for a review of FASEA Standard 3. This standard became a legal requirement for all financial advisers from 1 January 2020

Get your Entries in by 26 June IMAP Managed Account Awards 2020

The annual IMAP awards are designed to recognise and reward best practice in the development of managed account portfolios. IMAP encourages organisations to enter by 26 June 2020 in 3 categories (Licensee, Innovation and Investment (single and multi asset classes). Winning an IMAP award can be significant for your advice, platform, investment or service provider business...

Australia to permanently change post COVID-19

Australia will be a much different place as it emerges from the COVID-19 crisis, with Australians’ work, life and travel permanently changed by the pandemic, according to a new report by KPMG.

Towards managed account implementation

Nick Avery FInclear & Chris Wrightson Ironbark

Nick Avery and Chris Wrightson explain how their business models provide a very different managed account service for advice practices.

The Virtual Office - Working from home tips from Adele Martin CFP®

The COVID-19 pandemic is redefining the workplace, as more Aussies are forced to work from home. Adele Martin CFP® has been working from her virtual office for nearly five years. She shares her remote working tips with Jayson Forrest. 

Future uncertainty: What are clients asking?

As the nation battles on with the COVID-19 pandemic, what are clients asking their advisers? Speaking at the IMAP Adviser Roadshow, Steve Aldridge AFP® and Vincent O’Neill AFP® share their insights on what clients are telling them and how their businesses are responding.

The changing landscape of ESG investing

Have the summer bushfires and COVID-19 pandemic changed the investing landscape? Speaking at the 2020 IMAP Adviser Roadshow, Leah Willis, Charles Stodart and Mary Campbell provide their views.

The four keys to business survival

Jonathan Hoyle  Standford Brown 4 keys to business sucess

Building the right foundations for any advice business will help drive success through these challenging and unprecedented times. Jonathan Hoyle talks to Jayson Forrest about the key drivers that support growth in a high performing business

Hard times won’t last forever

Vincent Holland of Plutosoft explains how, an advisory firm can succeed both now and beyond the COVID-19 crisis.

The State of the MDA Market

David Wright, CEO Zenith Research and Toby Potter, Chair IMAP discuss the state of the managed accounts market, as the industry rides out the COVID-19 pandemic.

Watershed year predicted for ESG

Fidelity International’s 2020 Analyst Survey has uncovered a tipping point for corporates globally, as they recognise that considering environmental, social and governance factors is not just the right thing to do, but good business, too.

Diversity and inclusion: 4 rules for high-performance teams

Gihan Perera provides four ways for leaders to tap into the diversity of their people to build high-performance teams, by making the most of the diverse background, skills, talents and behaviour of every team member.

ASIC suspends work on MDA consultation paper

ASIC Regulatory work on MDAs suspended

ASIC has announced that as at 23 March 2020 it has immediately suspended a number of near-term activities which are not time-critical, including a consultation paper on Managed Discretionary Accounts...

Coronavirus: What should advisers and managers do next?

 Chris Addy CEO - Castle Hall Diligence

As the coronavirus pandemic hits many countries and businesses hard, Chris Addy CEO - Castle Hall Diligence provides some timely tips to help financial advisers and investment managers navigate this period of uncertainty.

IMAP Milliman Managed Account FUM Census Results as at 31 December 2019

Managed Account

Latest FUM census shows Managed Accounts hold $79.29 bn as at 31 Dec 2019
IMAP (The Institute of Managed Account Professionals Ltd) in conjunction with Milliman has released the latest data in its 6 monthly Managed Accounts FUM Census series. 

As at 31 December 2019, Funds Under Management (FUM) in Managed Accounts stood at $79.29 bn, an increase of $7.9 bn on the 30 June 2019 FUM total of $71.383 bn.

No retirement for investments

 Kris Walesby - ETF Securities

Managing a retirement portfolio for income and growth can be tricky in a low return market, especially if you are reliant on that income. Kris Walesby believes a diversified approach to investing will assist with both growth and income.

Investors turn to managed products

The outlook of Australian investors for domestic stocks remains subdued in the opening months of 2020, despite the market’s strong performance in 2019. According to findings from the Investment Trends’ Investor Product Needs Report

The rise of specialist advice businesses

Paul Barratt CEO AZ NGA

“I think that businesses in the future will have an element of specialisation. They still might offer a raft of different services, but advice businesses will increasingly become deep and narrow with their skill set. The days of having generalists providing a bit of everything will become increasingly limited.”

The boring approach is best

Michael Karagianis Jana

With continuing concern on the economic impact that may be caused by the COVID-19 virus, Michael Karagianis - Jana believes it’s best to take a conservative approach to investing during these times of heightened risk.

Innovation and your advice business

Innovation and your advice businessctricity generation

Adam Pointon highlights three key factors that advice firms can implement relatively easily and that could have a marked impact on innovation within your practice.

Regulatory reviews on top of agenda - IMAP Regulatory Group

IMAP Regulatory update

The IMAP Regulatory Group was invited to participate in an open forum with ASIC, based on the surveillance ASIC conducted during 2019 on platform operators, SMA and MDA providers. PLease read on for an update as at March 2020.

Compare a pear with a pear, not an apple - Zenith

James Damicoucas is an Investment Analyst at Zenith Investment

Before choosing a super option, James Damicoucas says it's vital for investors to look under the hood and ensure the allocation to growth assets is consistent with their ability and willingness to assume risk.

Report sheds insights into profession

With strong regulatory headwinds likely to continue for the financial planning profession, unless business owners can quickly develop a very clear plan to address the key issues in their firm, sustained success remains uncertain.

ASIC updates Regulatory Guide 97: Disclosing fees & costs in PDSs & Periodic Statements

Updated guidance gives more clarity on how superannuation & managed investment product issuers & platform operators should disclose fees & costs.

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