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  • Are we there yet? – on cash rates

    IMAP Ashey Owen - Owen Analytics

    "Central banks have delivered the most aggressive rate hikes in a generation, but cash rates in Australia, US and elsewhere are still below pre-GFC levels. How high will interest rates need to go? " says Ashley Owen

  • How do we rate? – The Debt Olympics

    IMAP Ashey Owen - Owen Analytics

    "Australia and Australians loaded up on debt in the GFC and again in Covid, but how do we stack up against other countries? The answer is probably very different to what you thought. " says Ashley Owen

  • The BIG picture – portfolios perform for the passive & patient

    IMAP Ashey Owen - Owen Analytics

    "One of the most important, but difficult, aspects of long term investing is learning to not let day-to-day market chatter and scaremongering media headlines affect your long term strategies" says Ashley Owen - Owen Analytics in his monthly look at The Big Picture

  • Where Are We Now? – Global profits: recession or rebound?

    IMAP Ashey Owen - Owen Analytics

    While media headlines warn of possible global recessions ahead, global profits are booming! There appear to be no obvious signs of impending recession in the latest profit results, or profit outlooks. "What is behind the numbers?" asks Ashley Owen

  • Where are We Now? – US profits: recession or rebound?

    IMAP Ashey Owen - Owen Analytics

    "The US is still critically important to the overall global picture as US companies make up 60% of the global stock market value. Are the latest US profits allowing for a slowdown?" asks Ashley Owen

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