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  • Active vs passive: Portfolio construction in today’s environment - Independent Thought Roundtable

    IMAP Independent Thought Investment Roundtable Geopolitics

    Diversification of assets, style and strategies are essential when constructing portfolios in today’s challenging environment, explains Veronica Klaus (Lonsec).

  • Allocating to property and infrastructure

    IMAP webinar allocation to illiquid assets like infrastructure and property

    William Morgan (Atrium Investment Management) and Matt Swieconek (Findex) share their thoughts on using illiquid assets, such as property and infrastructure, as part of an allocation within a portfolio.

  • Alternative Universe - John Kim (Macquarie) and Arnie Selvarajah (Bell Direct)

  • An MDA journey: Lessons learnt along the way

    Staring out with MDAs in 1997, Findex has become one of Australia’s largest providers of MDA model portfolios. Speaking at the IMAP Adviser Roadshow 2021, Kieran Canavan shares some of the insights and lessons learnt from running MDAs over the last 24 years.

  • Are we heading for a recession?

    Recession’ is a word that is increasingly gaining prominence in both news headlines and in many adviser/client conversations. Diana Mousina (AMP Capital) and David Matesic (Atrium Investment Management) recently joined together to discuss whether Australia is heading towards a recession and how portfolios should be positioned in response.


  • Asset allocation: Evolution not revolution

    The biggest contributor to portfolio outcomes is asset allocation. Richard Rauch (First Sentier Investors), Michael Karagianis (JANA Investment Advisers), Alex Cathcart (Drummond Capital Partners), Jesse Imer (Mason Stevens) and Jerome Lander (WealthLander) discuss their optimal approach to asset allocation, particularly when building portfolios in a challenging environment.


  • Australian equities: Is the market too optimistic?

    IMAP Independent Thought Conference Growth Strategy

    The outlook for Australian equities is looking positive. David Wanis (Longwave Capital), Peter Bell (Bellmont Securities), Hamish Tadgell (SG Hiscock), & Andrew Garrett (Perpetual) provide their thoughts on the key themes and opportunities at the 2023 IMAP Independent Thought Conference

  • Beyond 2023: The next 10 years of managed accounts

    As managed accounts continue to grow rapidly, speakers at the IMAP Specialist Webinar Series on ‘Transforming advice into wealth management’ reveal their thoughts on how their businesses are preparing for the next 10 years and beyond.


  • BlackRock - Back to a volatile future - IMAP Independent Thought

    Katie Petering - Director & Head of Investment Strategyexplains the BlackRock Investment Institute’s latest views on tactical asset allocation, including the three key investment themes it expects will play out over the next six months.


  • Bonds are now an option for Portfolios - From IMAP Independent Thought

    With the global economy slowing and recessionary pressures growing, how should advisers and portfolio managers respond to their fixed income settings? Adam Bowe (PIMCO), Dr Isaac Poole (Oreana Portfolio Advisory), Lukasz de Pourbaix (Lonsec), and Michael Karagianis (JANA Investment Advisers) discuss the role of fixed income in portfolios.


  • Boutique management within Australian equities

    What are the advantages of using boutique managers when running an Australian equities portfolio in a managed accounts structure? Callum Burns (ICE Investors), Kyle Lidbury (Perpetual Private), and Marcus Bogdan (Blackmore Capital) explain their approach to constructing portfolios with an Australian equities exposure.

  • Boutique management within global equities

    Three Australian-based global equities boutique managers - Hugh MacNally (Private Portfolio Managers), Monik Kotecha (Insync Funds Management), and Stephen Arnold (Aoris Investment Management) - discuss the advantages of a boutique and their approach to portfolio construction when using a managed accounts structure.

  • Building a practice with HNW clients

    Vincent O’Neill (Stanford Brown) and Michael Karagianis (JANA Investment Advisers) discuss how advice firms successfully attract and support HNW clients, while individualising the advice service offering for them.


  • Building a sustainable HNW client offering

    IMAP Specialist Webinar Series Investment management for High Net Worth clients

    James Trude (Clime) and Michael Karagianis (JANA) take a look at the intricacies of building a sustainable HNW client offering, and explore the opportunity for advice practices from a growth in intergenerational wealth transfer

  • Differentiating your advice service

    IMAP Advice in Action Conference 2023 Differentiating your advice service

    Andrew Mathie (Praemium) reveals key insights from Praemium’s latest research to explain why using managed accounts can help differentiate an advice service

  • Do alternatives still have a key role in portfolios?

    IMAP Independent Thought Conference on Alternative Investments

    Is there value in private markets and how do you incorporate them into portfolios? Jonathan Ramsay (InvestSense), Steven Tang (Zenith Investment Partners), and Jason Horn (BlackRock) provide their perspectives on the role of alternatives in portfolios

  • Earning tomorrow’s clients

    IMAP Advice in Action Conference 2023 Searching for Tomorrow's Adviser Clients - they will have different goals and needs

    Advisers are increasingly recognising that the rules around investing don’t apply to the next generation of clients, so to attract the next generation of clients, advisers will need to rethink their approach to servicing a very diverse demographic base, says James Kingston - BlackRock

  • Fintech Investing - Andrew Bird

  • Fixed interest: Are bonds the key to portfolios again?

    IMAP Independent Thought Conference Fixed Interest

    Chris West (Context Capital), Michael Frearson (Real Asset Management), Chris Lioutas (Insight Investment Consultants), and Tim Hext (Pendal Group) provide their outlook for fixed interest over the next 12 months.

  • Four-step approach to technology adoption

    Choosing and implementing the right technology for a financial planning business can be challenging and often confusing. Paul Moran (Moran Partners Financial Planning) shares his four-step approach to adopting technology.


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