international investing

  • 5 key areas for overseas investing

    Speaking at a recent IMAP webinar on ‘Considerations for licensees in international investing’, Nathan Lim Morgan Stanley's Head of Wealth Management Research Australia, reveals the 5 key areas that investors need to be aware of when investing in overseas markets.

  • Investing in China: Friend or foe?

    Speaking at a recent IMAP webinar on international equities, Lachlan Hughes CFA (Swell Asset Management), Mark Arnold (Hyperion Asset Management), Tom King (Nanuk Asset Management), Francyne Mu CFA (Franklin Templeton) and Monik Kotecha (Insync Funds Management) provided their views on the opportunities and threats of investing in China.

  • Opportunities in Asia

    As the world begins to return to some form of normalcy, with the rollout of a COVID-19 vaccine, parts of Asia are re-opening and economic activity is resuming. Along with the vaccination rollouts, a rising U.S. Treasury yield and persistent sector rotation, Fidelity International’s Paras Anand identifies the key drivers in Asia for Q2. 

  • US Shares: ‘double-whammy’ of over-pricing, but how serious is it?

    IMAP Ashey Owen - Owen Analytics

    "The US share market is soaring on strong profit rebounds in the past year, with bullish future profit growth forecasts for the next couple of years.  Bullish profit forecasts with bullish multiples gives us a ‘double-whammy’ of over-pricing." says Ashley Owen.

  • Where are We Now? – US profits: recession or rebound?

    IMAP Ashey Owen - Owen Analytics

    "The US is still critically important to the overall global picture as US companies make up 60% of the global stock market value. Are the latest US profits allowing for a slowdown?" asks Ashley Owen

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