Perspectives - Winter 2021

Managed accounts get tick of approval

Over the last five years, the number of financial advisers recommending managed accounts has doubled from 22 per cent to 44 per cent, with a further 26 per cent thinking of adding this investment solution to their advice offering


Building portfolios using alternatives: The researcher’s view

Alternatives' is a catchall for a huge range of investment opportunities designed to improve returns or reduce risk in portfolios. Daniel Stojanovski (Centrepoint Alliance) talks to three research house experts - Deanne Baker (Lonsec), Steven Tang CFA (Zenith Investment Partners) and Tim Murphy CFA (Morningstar) - about their views on using alternatives in portfolios


Top three tips when advising on MDAs

A Managed Discretionary Account (MDA) can be a complex structure to advise on, with many different components to navigate. Speaking at the IMAP Adviser Roadshow 2021, Michael Mavromatis (Holley Nethercote) provides three tips that advisers and MDA providers should consider. Number 1 "Know your product, know your obligations"...


One new Managed Account solution reshapes risk and return, bringing unique benefits to advisers & their clients

We talk to Simon Ho, Portfolio Manager at Milliman about the design of SmartShield, how it works and why it provides a compelling reason for advised clients to stay invested, through all market conditions. In the Australian market, Milliman's SmartShield stands unique among more than 3,700 funds management products.


Asset allocation: Evolution not revolution

The biggest contributor to portfolio outcomes is asset allocation. Richard Rauch (First Sentier Investors), Michael Karagianis (JANA Investment Advisers), Alex Cathcart (Drummond Capital Partners), Jesse Imer (Mason Stevens) and Jerome Lander (WealthLander) discuss their optimal approach to asset allocation, particularly when building portfolios in a challenging environment.


An MDA journey: Lessons learnt along the way

Staring out with MDAs in 1997, Findex has become one of Australia’s largest providers of MDA model portfolios. Speaking at the IMAP Adviser Roadshow 2021, Kieran Canavan shares some of the insights and lessons learnt from running MDAs over the last 24 years.

A good team, a good business

Transitioning to a managed accounts structure can be challenging for any advice business, particularly for smaller boutique firms. Michael Bova (Family Wealth Advisory) joins Steven Jessop (Lonsec) in explaining some of the key considerations advice practices need to make when transitioning to managed accounts.


Eight dimensions for building a business model

Choosing the right business model that fits the capabilities and needs of your clients can be challenging for many advice businesses. Chris Wrightson (Ironbark Asset Management) and Tony Lynch (FinClear) explore eight key areas that businesses should consider as part of building a successful business strategy


Communicating with clients on ESG

ESG and ethical investing is becoming increasingly important in the advice space, as more investors turn to this style of investing. Speaking at the IMAP Adviser Roadshow 2021, Angela Ashton (Evergreen Consultants), Dugald Higgins (Zenith Investment Partners) and Leah Willis (Australian Ethical) explain their approach to communicating with investors on ESG. The session was moderated by Alan Logan (Marcona Partners).


Ultra care for ultra high-net-worth clients

John Woodley (Fitzpatricks Private Wealth), John Barton (MGD Wealth) and moderator, Greg Miller (Wealth Market) explain the challenges and demands of working with ultra high-net-worth clients.


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