Perspectives - Autumn 2021

More about Managed Accounts at the FPA Professionals Congress Sydney Here is the link to the FPA Professionals Congress 2021 7th & 8th April 2022

Find out more about Managed Accounts at the FPA Professionals Congress in Sydney from 22 – 23 November 2021.

IMAP's Managed Accounts Zone is a great "no pressure" way for advisers and dealer principals to find out more about implementing and operating Managed Account services.

15 years of lessons learnt

John McIlroy (Crystal Wealth Partners), Martin Crabb (Shaw and Partners) and Martin Morris (Praemium) share some lessons learnt from using managed accounts as part of their advice process over the last 15 years

Working with not-for-profit clients

Working with not-for-profit organisations can sound attractive, but it comes with very distinct challenges. Alex Pikoulas CFA (Lipman Burgon & Partners), Greg Barter (Findex) and moderator, Greg Miller (Wealth Market), share their views on not-for-profit clients.

Managing a wholesale and HNW client base

David Andrew (Capital Partners Private Wealth), Paul Ashworth (Cameron Harrison), Simon Carrodus (The Fold Legal) and moderator, Greg Miller (Wealth Market), share their insights on building a Wholesale and High Net Worth client base


Uptake of managed accounts accelerates

The appetite of investors and financial planners for managed accounts continues to grow, with new client inflows into managed accounts expected to surge over the next  3 years. 70% of Australian financial planners, representing approximately 12,000 practitioners, are now using managed accounts or intend to - up from 44 per cent in 2012

Opportunities in Asia

As the world begins to return to some form of normalcy, with the rollout of a COVID-19 vaccine, parts of Asia are re-opening and economic activity is resuming. Along with the vaccination rollouts, a rising U.S. Treasury yield and persistent sector rotation, Fidelity International’s Paras Anand identifies the key drivers in Asia for Q2. 

Building a managed accounts program

Angela Ashton (Evergreen Consultants), Justin McLaughlin (ClearView), Martin Crabb (Shaw and Partners) and Paul Saliba (AMP) discuss the challenges of building managed account programs for larger advice businesses. The magic figure to operate a profitable and efficient managed accounts program within a large advice business is...

Looking for growth in 2021

In a low interest rate environment, Brad Matthews (Brad Matthews Investment Strategies), Chris Lioutas (Insight Investment Consultants), Jerome Lander (Dynamic Asset/WealthLander) and Alan Logan (Marcona Partners) share their insights on growth opportunities for portfolios.

Many shades of green to ESG

Applying ESG and ethical frameworks within a portfolio, without compromising returns, might sound difficult. But for Karen McLeod CFP® (Ethical Investment Advisers), Dan Powell (Nanuk Asset Management), Leah Willis (Australian Ethical) and Jason Todd (Macquarie), investing ethically is not as hard as it seems.

Results out for IMAP Milliman Managed Account FUM Census as at 31 Dec 2020

IMAP (The Institute of Managed Account Professionals Ltd) in conjunction with Milliman has released the latest data in its 6 monthly Managed Accounts FUM Census series (now in its 6th year). This shows that the  Funds Under Management (FUM) in Managed Accounts as at 31 December 2020 is......

Investors turn to digital solutions

Irene Guiamatsia

At the end of 2020, the number of active retail online investors in Australia reached a new high of 1.25 million, highlighting a trend that has seen the retail investing market continue to grow, as Australians responded to changing macro conditions and embraced new digital investing solutions.

The challenges of asset allocation

Speaking at the IMAP Portfolio Management Conference 2021, Al Clark (MLC), Piers Bolger (Infinity Asset Management/Viridian Advisory) and Michael Karagianis (JANA) explore the challenges of asset allocation in a low interest rate environment.

Headwinds temper China’s growth

Geopolitical tensions and the continued rise of China sparked some interesting discussion at the IMAP Portfolio Management Conference 2021. Jesse Imer (Mason Stevens), Jonathan Baird (Western Asset Management) and Nigel Douglas (Douglas Funds Consulting) provide some insights on the challenges facing China over the short-term.

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